eternal paintings

oil paintings on engineered copper supports.

paper instructions would not last long. these are engraved onto the back of eternal painting on copper. they include care instructions for the owner and the conservator. 2018.

removing thin and unreliable factory varnish from the back of the copper support for the oil painting. its going to be replaced with a varnish that can stand the test of time. 2018.

one of the highest purity copper grades was chosen for the copper support. as a comparison of longevity, high purity copper is used for permanent disposal capsules of nuclear waste underground, those are meant to be good for 1 000 000 years. 2018.

testing professional grade oil paint on copper. 2018.

black series. diptych. oil on panels. 2018.


selection of early oil and acrylic works

you talkin’ to me? 600x300mm. overall texaco art competition winner 2009, ireland. oil on canvas. 2009.

lithuania to ireland. a book retracing mantas' art from the very early age to second year in art college. the book was kindly sponsored by richard mcnamara, mcdonalds restaurant letterkenny and sligo. published by druid publications, letterkenny. designed by peadar mcdaid and mantas poderys. 2009.

tommy. 1000x760mm. utv art collection commission, belfast, northern ireland. portrait of tommy peoples, a renowned donegal fiddle player. oil on canvas. 2009.

gone for lunch. 450x350mm. 1st prize in texaco art competition 2006, ireland. acrylic on canvas. age 15.

queen of tory and the guardian angel. 450x350mm. 2nd prize texaco art competition 2007, ireland. acrylic on canvas. age 16.