interactive art installation proposal. 2016.

24k gold drawing reproduction of 'creation' on the floor of a gallery

the act of walking is almost unconscious but not insignificant. the floor in a gallery serves an important function as an unconscious physical space that provides a platform for conscious mind’s interaction with a work of art. the proposed installation by mantas poderys will include a scaled and detailed render drawing of michelangelo’s ‘creation’ from sistine chapel made using 24k gold. an iconic image of art and belief traditionally viewed from below, placing the individual in a minute position of awe. the act of walking or stepping on top of something is to exert power and dominance over that something. the improperly displayed drawing heightens one’s sensitivity to the material nature of the work: to its allusions to its fragile presence and progressive fade into absence. the non preservable circumstance of the ‘creation’ with almost inevitable fate created by the very own bodies and minds that ultimately unites individual audience member’s actions towards a singular outcome. here the institution as the gallery and individual users of the gallery are numbed and almost powerless in the preservation of the drawing. in controversy these very same audience members are assigned with the hierarchy of an almost ‘god’ like power over the fragile ‘creation’.