boris. untitled one

interactive art installation. ireland. 2012.

solo exhibition

untitled one

an interactive art installation. a queue of audience was formed outside of the white cube gallery, not knowing what they will find inside. the audience was permitted to enter the white cube, one at a time; the doors remained closed. the bike was placed on a pedestal; an object and a proposal. individual audience members were invited to view the bike, admire its construction and design; to value the object in its form. but furthermore, the audience was invited to engage with the bike/ object; to remove it from the pedestal and cycle it around the gallery, creating a uniquely subjective experience for themselves. upon exiting the exhibition space, each member of the audience would then be compelled to compare notes; reflecting on the nature of their individual experiences. these individual and highly subjective experiences, when shared, came to form the basis for a communal bonding experience. exhibition 16.02.2012. national college of art and design, dublin, ireland.

building boris

world's smallest fixed gear bike

handmade miniature fixed gear/ track bicycle with 12" wheels was built specifically for adults use. mantas designed and built from scratch over a period of 4 months. design was based on japanese kierin track bike. traditional welding technique of brass filleting was used to make the frame and the forks using 1.8mm steel tubing. i would like to thank industrial design technicians of ncad, gerry nolan, konrad dechant, nick russell, and caroline kinsella for all their help in the journey of making boris, the world's smallest fixed gear bike.