micro living space in a forest
interactive installation. poland. 2015 - 2017.

art installation will invite guests to live here

handcrafted, small-scale, off-grid living space in fairytale like forest. the art installation invites one or two people at a time to spend 2 days within extreme and intimate juxtaposition of idealized and vast wilderness of the forest and the micro living space. with it’s altered ergonomic and interactive functions; the living space will indulge its users with a bedroom, cinema, bathroom and a kitchen. it’s important to point out that this dwelling will only measure just a four square meters, making it one of the smallest houses in the world. installation provides a platform for people to experience themselves. our daily and complex lives distance us from experiencing the sublime through nature. work has been theoretically developed with 28 uz students from zielona góra. proposed installation opening in summer of 2017. original image source: goo.gl/QQhLmz

a part of my wonderful team of architects and engineers uz students forming a life size plan of space that 4m2 micro living space will occupy. poland 2015.